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How It Works ~ The word of mom says our deals are so hot, they're almost free! Every single item, ALWAYS 40-80% off its retail value (with an occasional 35-40% of deal on a highly requested brand!).

Here is the most important part of our website: WE OFFER MORE THAN ONE DEAL A DAY! We just do it one deal at a time. We don't list items at a certain time of the day, it's very random, mysterious, and completely unplanned what products we will feature and when they will feature. You need to keep checking back throughout the day to find new deals, once one is gone, you will see another new deal immediately after. It may not even completely sell out and you may see a new one pop up. Most days, you will see anywhere between 2-10 deals during the entire 24 hour period of time, so it pays to keep checking back. You snooze, you lose - you don't want to miss out on something, so be sure to refresh your browser, or follow us on twitter or facebook, you will see updates on these pages whenever a new item pops up, and remember, this will happen more than one time every day!

The original one hot deal at a time website for super cool moms (and dads!) made just for you, by you. Just watch the little mom heading towards the words "all gone", and once she gets there - you are fresh out of luck - that product is no longer up for grabs!

We gear our products for parents and children ages birth to 10 and will have such a variety, you won't want to miss a single deal! Our vendors are top notch reputable companies who are respected in their industry, and we strive to get their products to you at rock bottom prices!

Shopoholic? The UPS driver and yourself are on a first name basis? You're in the right place! First come first serve ~ once the item is gone, it's gone! Unleash your inner mama ~ get hooked!

Common sense caution ~ this site is addictive, hitting that refresh button often is something that will become second nature, you and the refresh button will become one! There's no such thing as moderation in our world!

Simplicity is the key ~ you want bargains? We give you bargains! One hot deal (so hot it's almost free) at a time until it's gone. The more you buy, the more WE buy, and the more bargains we hook you up with. It's madness, really. Spread the word, get your friends hooked, they will thank you and so will we!

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Rules: and these are not made to be broken!
You get the hook up, but we put a limit on the number of items you can purchase - it will usually be three unless the vendor requests otherwise. This means 3 of each item listed. If a feature has 10 different options, you could technically purchase 30 total items, make sense?

Seriously - ebay and craigslist sellers beware - we monitor orders like there's no tomorrow, we protect our vendors and treasure the relationship we have built with them - NO RESELLERS! This is non-negotiable! This protects our buyers and our vendors, as these deals were NOT easy to come by!

A note for tattletales - if you discover someone has somehow managed to take advantage of us and you by purchasing and reselling on ebay, please go to our contact us page and send us an email with the word 'tattletale' in the subject line. Tattling can be quite liberating!

Last but certainly not least - THANK YOU - have fun shopping and enjoy getting hooked on something healthy and fun!!

Return Policy
At this time we give you such a screaming hot deal on your purchases that we cannot offer a return policy. We cannot approve cancellations, we do not accept returns, refunds, or exchanges and do not offer warranties of any type on any products. All sales are FINAL! Please check the size, color, and style BEFORE you make your purchase; once you have submitted your order, there is no turning back and we cannot make changes. purchases ALL FIRST QUALITY items (unless otherwise notated within the product description), in the original manufacturers packaging, free from defects. If you have somehow received a defective item, please go to our contact us page and contact us within 10 days of the receipt of your item so that we can work to resolve your issue for you.

Get hooked on our mama bargains - the word of mom says our deals are so hot, they're almost free! One hot deal at a time,
once it's gone, well, it's gone, so get it while it's hot, tell your friends, and get them hooked. We'll thank you and so will they!