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  1. Yo Mama - Where's my stuff?
  2. I never received a shipment confirmation email - where is it? Has my stuff shipped yet?
  3. Hey, I sent an email (or left a message on your voicemail) to customer service a few hours ago and have yet to hear back from them!
  4. Your shipping prices are exorbitant. Your shipping prices suck. I won't shop here until your shipping prices go down.
  5. Do you ship internationally?
  6. Do you combine shipping? I went crazy today and ordered three different times!
  7. I tried processing a transaction and my card was declined, now the charge shows up on my account - why did you charge me for a decline?
  8. Do you have a local warehouse that I can pick up from since I live in Salt Lake City, Utah?
  9. I had an item in my cart and walked away for a bit, I just came back and the item is not in my diaper bag and says SOLD OUT - that's not fair, I thought the item was RESERVED for me when I put it in my diaper bag, what happened?
  10. I placed an order and received a call/email that the item I paid for is no longer in stock and my card was refunded. Whats up with that?
  11. How come I see repeats all the time?
  12. Do you accept cancellations or returns or refunds or exchanges?
  13. Oops, I just placed an order and did it in such a hurry, I typed in the wrong address. I just checked out and chose the wrong size or quantity or pattern.
  14. Do you accept Paypal payments?
  15. How does this all work?
  16. Why do I only see one thing for sale, where's the rest of the stuff in your store?
  17. I posted something in the playground or your Facebook Fan Page which has been deleted. What's up with that?
  18. I signed up for the newsletter but don't seem to be getting alerts.
  19. I tried using a coupon code I found online somewhere and it doesn't work.
  20. I ordered and changed my mind. Can I cancel?
  21. Do you ship to Canada?
  22. Do you ship to military addresses like APO's and FPO's?
  23. Can I call and order over the phone?
  24. I want to resell an item that isn't working out for me - what are the rules regarding this?
  25. Mama, your customer service sucks!!!
  26. Mama, what happens if a package is sent back by the USPS, UPS, etc, to your office in Utah?
  27. I signed up for your Twitter/Text Message updates... and I don't get them any more! I keep missing your amazing deals!
  28. What do these 'ship out dates' mean?
  29. I received a special discount code, are there special terms for this code?
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