Calculate your age in mom years

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Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered if you’d look younger if you never had any kids? I came across this from Mommyshorts and had to share! By the calculations below, I’d be 141 years-old. Apparently, living off a diet of pb&j, chicken nuggets and hotdogs and the constant drowning of Disney Channel and whining 24/7 can age a person. You know what this means? 100 somethings are pretty dang hot. Now, get out your calculators, take the test and tell us your age in MOM YEARS in the comment section.     Your...

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Tax Day Deals & Freebies!

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  There are so many awesome Tax Day Deals today for April 15th! Celebrate with a deal! I thought it would be nice to have all the deals in one place. So here is your 2014 Tax Day Deal Roundup: Arby’s – FREE small curly fries on April 15th. You will need to print the coupon which will be made available starting the day before. Sonic – Happy hour all day long, 1/2 priced drinks and slushes for all on April 15th. Boston Market – You can score 2 chicken meals for just $10.40, no coupon required! Bruegger’s Bagels – April 12th...

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10 Irresistible Easter Cakes

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This Easter, skip making the same old dessert and try one of these easy, enticing cakes instead. Whether it’s chocolate, lemon or coconut your guests crave – you’ll find a sweet treat that is sure to satisfy. Many of these recipes can be started in advance, which will help you save time and enjoy your holiday to the fullest!   Easter Cake Recipes:   1. Hummingbird Cake Made with pineapple, bananas and pecans, this cake will have your guests humming with delight.   2. Lemon Angel Torte Three layers of...

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10 DIY Ways To Recover From Tax Season

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Have you done your taxes yet? If not, you have exactly one week left to file! To celebrate after the madness – here are some recovering ideas!  1. Manage your stress   Sometimes the simple act of refocusing your frustration can help you release it. Play-dough filled balloons make quick and easy stress balls that you can keep stashed at your desk.   2. Chill out Lavender and vanilla have calming properties, so take some time to chill out in a bath with a homemade sugar scrub and wash those tax problems away (if only...

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The average American will spend more than an hour a week doing WHAT?

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The average American will spend more than an hour a week…………..         DOING WHAT??!                 …Hitting the snooze button on their alarm clock!   How many of you actually still set an alarm out there for the morning with kids??? My husband still does, and I still question why. Even on our earliest mornings our 2 1/2 year old is either waking us up by screaming, crying, banging down his door, attempting to wake up his sister, running into our...

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6 April Fools Pranks for Kids

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April Fools Day is upon us, which means a prank could be lurking around every corner, chair or potentially Saran-wrapped door.   Looking for a kid friendly prank to pull on your littles for the first of April? Here are a few ideas!     Milk the Fool’s Day Mischief   Freeze your child’s milk overnight on March 31, or in the morning for either lunch or dinner. Top off his glass. The look on his face when he can’t drink anymore will be priceless!     Ain’t No Chicken This treat may look...

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9 Awesomely ’80s Kids Bedrooms

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The 1980′s called! Give these kid bedrooms a checkout. Is your little‘s bedroom THIS cool?! Did any of you have bedrooms like this? I can vouch that I must have not been that cool of an 80′s child. These rooms are something else! Enjoy! 1. Garfield What kid didn’t love Garfield? He was the brat we all wished we could be.   2. Smurfs The Smurfs were one of the few gender neutral cartoons series and toys of the ’80s, which made it highly likely that any little boy or girl would have one of of set of...

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Mamabargains Freshly Picked Review and Giveaway

Posted by on Mar 24, 2014 in Giveaway | 84 comments

I was fortunate enough to review a pair of Freshly Picked baby moccasins and I will be GIVING A PAIR AWAY! You can pick the size and color you would like! To win a pair, first read through my review!  Check out what I have to say about these little beauties. The Good They are stinking adorable. They are available in a smorgasbord of colors, that little boys and girls can wear with no problem. Seasonal limited edition colors are also released to ensure you are on trend with the color of the moment. The moccs come packaged in a cute little...

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How Much Sleep Do we Really Need?

Posted by on Mar 20, 2014 in Health | 2 comments

How much sleep does your family get – or not get? I found this very interesting, and  had to share courtesy of Sleep needs vary across ages and are especially impacted by lifestyle and health. To determine how much sleep you need, it’s important to assess not only where you fall on the “sleep needs spectrum,” but also to examine what lifestyle factors are affecting the quality and quantity of your sleep such as work schedules and stress. To get the sleep you need, you must look at the big...

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Traveling Husband, Military and Single Mom Survival Guide

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Parenting | 2 comments

Being a parent can be tough. Parenting solo whether completely by yourself or when your spouse is away is a tough one. My husband travels 9 out of 12 months. Two of those months, February and March are especially busy. March is by far the craziest, living up to it’s name of March Madness. He works in sports, sports overlap,  hours run 20-21 hours 7 days a week. Pretty crazy! Whether you’re a single parent, your spouse may travel constantly for work,  or they serve in the U.S. military. We all have very different stories,...

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