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We Sign
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We Sign - DVD
We Sign
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We Sign is America's #1 interactive DVD series featuring ASL instruction and activities for hearing children (babies, toddlers, preschoolers and elementary ages) as well as for parents, teachers and other caregivers who wish to bring signing into the lives of their children. The Series has won over 50 National awards and has been highly acclaimed for over 15 years.

Playful signing and singing activities also enhance hand-eye coordination, creativity, language development, interpersonal relationships, self-confidence, and self-esteem as children accomplish new skills. This video showcases real children signing and singing their way to learning success.

Signing with Babies

Signing with babies works because babies are physically capable of using their hands to communicate words many months before they can speak. And once they do begin to speak, signing will continue to expand and increase their language and communications skills. Parents across the country and around the world have come to realize that by providing their baby a language skill they are also helping to reduce parent - child communication frustrations. Babies will begin to sign words as early as eight months old and by fourteen months will begin to use signs for objects and things they find in the world around them.

Why Sign with hearing babies?

- Babies can use their hands long before they can master the complex muscles needed to speak.
- Researcher and author Dr. Marilyn Daniels found that babies achieve the ability to construct language with their hands at least six to twelve months earlier.
- Babies are not lacking in understanding of language. They can understand much more than they are saying. They are only lacking in the traditional verbal means to communicate. Signing allows babies to talk non-verbally.
- Signing helps to foster an enthusiasm for learning because it gives babies a way to learn more and more about the world around them.
- Encourages brain development during the first two years of life by offering experiences and opportunities to them that are critical to the development of neural pathways, synapses and dendrites that govern their cognitive, motor and socio-emotional learning and development.

Keep these things in mind.

-Anyone can sign with their baby. It requires no previous signing experience.
-Begin slowly and simply. With very young babies, choose a few signs to use consistently until they begin to sign back. Then begin to add more signs.
-Choose words that go to the heart of communication and words that will help to reduce parent child frustrations. Key words we suggest are more, eat, all done, tired, hurt and bottle.
-Have your babies attention when signing.
-Sign the words every time you say them.
-Be patient. Babies all begin to sign at different times and for different reasons. Keep signing and they will sign back.
-Be positive. Reward and encourage all your babies efforts.

Signing with Toddlers

Toddlers benefit greatly from using sign. Signing with them is different from signing with babies. A toddler's life is expanding rapidly and if they are little balls of energy, then they are also little information sponges. Learning rapidly, exploring everything is an everyday adventure. Signing offers toddlers a natural way to enhance learning. It involves movement, something that is second nature to a toddler. But signing is also fun and playful as it involves them in their learning.

Signing for toddlers helps:

-Foster brain growth.
-Develops fine and gross motor skills.
-Improves eye-hand coordination
-Increases usable vocabulary
-Strengthen memory and recall
-Fosters an enthusiasm for learning

Start signing with your toddler even if you did not sign with your baby. Signing can be used and learned all throughout childhood. Begin now and you and your toddler will find that signing is an enjoyable bonding activity that is a valuable way to enhance early learning. It works because they learn while using a wide variety of learning styles. Singing and signing has children learning verbally, physically, musically, visually and more.

A toddler's basic need to communicate coupled with a rich and stimulating language environment seem to be the main factors that propel their early language learning. Signing with American Sign Language, ASL, provides parents and caregivers with a way to make language learning stimulating. Signing engages children toddlers and when added to activities, like singing songs or reading books, helps to connect words and their meanings, making the understandable and useable.

Key things to keep in mind when signing with toddlers:

-Keep it simple and expand your signing as you become more comfortable with your abilities.
-Begin with words that encourage communication (all done, potty, please, help) and behavior shaping (stop, gentle, share).
-Add words that are of special interest. Words from songs or books or from around your house (bear, cat, fish, car, jet, flower).
-Have your toddlers attention when signing.
-Follow their lead and focus on what they are interested in.
-Create special signing times for engaging in signing activities.
-Keep the activity fun and playful.

DVD titles feature English and Spanish language tracks, closed captioning, and subtitles.

Videos and DVDs are 30 minutes long

Grades Pre-K and up

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