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Sticky Bellies
Sticky Bellies
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Sticky Bellies - Sticky Bellies
Sticky Bellies
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Taking pictures of your gorgeous baby is nothing new. We know that as soon as that little bundle of joy makes their first appearance the cameras are snapping like paparazzi. With these awesome removeable belly stickers (affixed to a onesie) you have a creative, stylish and EASY way to document your child's monthly growth... You have Sticky Bellies!!

Oh Sew Adorable 1-12 months OR 13-24 months: Gingham, polka dots and dainty flowers... that's what little girls are made of:
Oh Sew Handsome 1-12 months OR 13-24 months: Sure, Harvard is a few years away, but preppy plaids & argyles look good at ANY age!
Oh Sew Ready Maternity 12-40 weeks: It's the only time you'll be excited to show off a growing belly... Why not do it in style?

All sets include:
-Our signature stitching on the numbers and borders giving the stickers the appearance of a sewn-on applique (but the convenience of a removable sticker!)
-12 opaque. heavy-duty stickers can be removed and reapplied for several photo shoots or saved for use in a scrapbook.

How do they work?
1. Remove sticker from backing
2. Apply sticker to shirt
3. Take pictures...lots of them!
4. Remove sticker
5. Share, display and enjoy adorable milestone photos!
6. Repeat each month

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