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Family Facts Life Organizer & Planner 3 Year Calendar - Life can be hectic. This planner, created by professional organizer Pam Socolow, will help control the chaos. It's information central: a handy, invaluable record keeper, resource center, and clutter container all in one. The Family Facts Family Life Organizer & Planner has received honor after honor, including the 2005 Family Choice Award, Real Simple magazine's Product of the Month, and the National Parenting Publications Gold Award. It features: a 3-year calendar complete with stickers for doctors' appointments, early school closings, and other important events; more than 100 fill-in sheets to keep track of contacts, finances, medical data, house and car details, kids' information, and your own activities; and folders, pouches, and business card holders. Plus, the fully customizable three-ring binder has durable tabbed dividers so you can rearrange, remove, or add pages!

Van Gogh's Sunflower's In-A-Box - Van Gogh's masterpiece is now at your fingertips! This unique book and kit provide everything you need to create a beautiful, three-dimensional version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Inside the kit you'll find Van Gogh: His Life and His Flowers, with background on the famous artist; step-by-step instructions for assembling the full-size vase; and 11 blooming flowers. Plus: The box itself becomes a stand!

Building Your Family Tree - This elegant, one-of-a-kind family tree is certain to become a treasured heirloom.The centerpiece of this delightful gift package is a beautiful, carefully scrolled 11” x 14” tree illustration commissioned from a noted Italian artisan who specializes in wood engravings. It comes with 200 leaf and branch illustrations to cut and paste on the drawing: each “leaf” represents a family member, while the connecting branches indicate that person’s relationship with the rest of the family. In addition, a 48-page book, The Art of Our Ancestry, explains how to “grow” a family tree, take those first steps, and place the family members on the tree. A list of Web resources and advice on lesser-known places to find information round out this helpful guide

Build Fun Paper Cameras - Even in the age of digital, we can have plenty of creative fun the low-tech (and low-cost) way: by building cool paper cameras and exploring the fascinating world of pinhole photography.Justin Quinell takes photography back to its roots by demonstrating how to create attractive pinhole cameras—that actually work. Instead of a lens, these cameras have a very tiny hole that “focuses” every point of light passing through it onto paper, thus imprinting the image permanently. A CD, included with the book, contains seven templates for making the cameras; the guide provides directions and advice on shooting successful, artistic pinhole photographs in many different conditions. Both beginning and experienced photographers will find these eye-opening!

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