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Squeakers - Shoes
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Product Description
Squeakers toddler shoes represent the finest quality of squeaky shoes on the market today. Squeakers have a soft "squeak" that help kids learn to walk with proper heel-to-toe toddlin'. If you've ever lost a child on a playground, at a store, or in the amusement park, you know how scary it is. With Squeakers, you can always hear where your child is and find them if they've walked out of your sight. Kiddos' love the sound they make and parents love being able to keep track of them! The small squeaker in each shoe is easy to remove by an adult when quiet time is needed.

Squeakers are made with high quality genuine cow leather with rubber soles that are flexible and soft, but sturdy enough for new toddler support.

Size 2 (Age 6‐9 months)
Size 3 (Age 9‐12 months)
Size 4 (Age 12‐16 months)
Size 5 (Age 16‐20 months)
Size 6 (Age 20‐22 months)
Size 7 (Age 22‐24 months)
Size 8 (Age 2-4 years)
Size 9 (Age 2-4 years)
Size 10 (Age 2-4 years)

Please note:
sizes are approximate and can vary from chart sizing.
If in doubt, we encourage you to get a size larger.
Kiddos grow quickly, and Squeakers are a great gift!

To measure child's foot while child is standing, measure from longest toe to back of heel. Allow a little extra for socks and/or growth!

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