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Melinda G
Nursing Bra
Your Price: $18.40
That's 54% off the retail price of $40.00!
Melinda G - Nursing Bra
Melinda G
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Product Description
Nursing bras are sooo hard to find for a discount, so leave it up to (thanks to some loyal Mamabargainers that have requested this cool brand!) to bring you the best of the best of the best! Melinda G maternity!

The 1950 Style and the 2031 styles are available today!

Melinda G FAQ

What makes Melinda G nursing bras so special?
Their bras were specially designed for you! They use beautiful fabrics similar to your regular bras, only their bras open for nursing access. All nursing bras feature seamless cups so there are no seams to chafe delicate breast tissue, comfort straps to eliminate bounce, and back hooks and eyes to adjust to your changing figure.

How many nursing bras do you need?
A nursing mom needs at least three nursing bras: the bra she is wearing, the bra in the laundry, and a clean spare bra. Having more than three nursing bras makes life even easier.

Is one cup opening method better than another?
It is a question of personal preference and some women want one of each to accommodate their wardrobes. Cup hooks and eyes (styles #2100, #1950, #1910) allow for sizing flexibility--close the cups smaller after nursing and adjust the cups larger as your breasts change before the next nursing.

Most of us have never felt more womanly, been more bosomy, than when we nurse our babies. Maybe it's hormones, maybe it's the joy of mothering our babies, but we glow with health and happiness. We have curves where we never had them before. We aren't 'extra-large' we are voluptuous, so grab one of these great sizes before they are gone!

Find your correct size here:

The size range:

Small 32D-34B-34C
Medium 34D-36B-36C
Large 36D-38B-38C
Voluptuous 38D-40B-40C

All bras are cotton/lycra/nylon blends

Melinda G Nursing bras will ship on Thursday December 3rd

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