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Luke & Logan
Hooded Towels
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Luke & Logan - Hooded Towels
Luke & Logan
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Tired of those teeny tiny hooded towels you can barely squeeze your newborn into? So were we! That's why the mama behind Luke & Logan created the Big Kids Luxury Hooded Towel. An amazing and soft blend of Cotton and Polyester, these towels are sure to make your kiddos feel all snuggly after a nice bath or time in the pool!

Designed by Fashion and Textile Designer Aimee Marie, these towels are sure to impress even the pickiest of moms! Forget the boxy, pointy-headed hooded towels of old! These towels feature a contoured head and body design, made to hug your little one close and keep them dry! They've got two layers, an outer layer made with a beautiful print designed by Aimee Marie herself, and an inner layer of super absorbent and soft terry. The towel is top-stitched so that they layers don't separate when they've been washed or worn, and the whole thing comes beautifully packaged with great care! Feel great about buying one of these for even your bigger kids, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 no problem! They're long enough to use for years!

The measurements for the towel are a generous 40" long 46" Wide

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