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Jack Rabbit Creations
Your Price: $11.25
That's 64% off the retail price of $32.00!
Jack Rabbit Creations - Rollabouts
Jack Rabbit Creations
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Product Description
MamaBargains is always on the look out for great toys that encourage development so we are thrilled to have gotten our hands on Jack Rabbit Creations adorable Roll-Abouts.

These sweet little interactive toys are basically soft and cuddly tools that encourage your little one not just to play but to play smart. O.K., Awesome!!

The round shape and fleecy soft texture make them easy to grasp and appealing to little hands, while the adorable kitty cat, puppy, and mouse are sure to inspire imaginations and become their fast friends. Personally, I love the fact that these creative little balls contain interactive bells that chime a soft and soothing musical tone encouraging baby to grab, shake, roll, and play.

Lets review.... Sweet pastel colors that won't overwhelm babies senses, soft and easy to grasp, fun pals to befriend, sweet little bells that jingle, multi-sensory play that boosts development, and all of this at the lowest price you'll find anywhere.... Pretty darn perfect!! Smart babies come from smart Mamas so I suggest you grab one for your favorite little bundle of baby and stash a couple away for shower gifts. Smart all around.

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