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Fun & Sassy Designs
Custom Labels
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Fun & Sassy Designs - Custom Labels
Fun & Sassy Designs
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Please email with all questions related to customization!

Please read ALL instructions and the entire description prior to ordering!

A great way to make sure your kids' stuff finds it's way home! Vinyl die cut waterproof name labels for use on sippy cups, baby bottles, lunchboxes, snack cups, plasticware, books, movies, games, cell phones, pool toys, office supplies, laptops...anything that leaves the house!

The labels are made out of high-quality, glossy vinyl. You just peel and stick onto cups, plasticware, lunch boxes, school supplies, etc. Our stickers are removeable and made using a specially-treated adhesive so they peel off easily and leave no mark behind.

- Set of 18 Designer Die-cut Waterproof Labels
- Labels measure 2.70
- 18 characters max
- Printed with a non-toxic, lead-free ink
* Dishwasher safe*
* Microwave safe
* Printed with a non-toxic, lead-free ink

*To prevent label colors from fading, make sure your detergent is chlorine bleach-free before washing in the dishwasher.

Personalization Instructions: Name (CANNOT BE MORE THAN 18 CHARACTERS!!!!! Font Choice

Example: Bradley Mac & Cheese

PLEASE make sure the name portion of the label is NOT LONGER THAN 18 CHARACTERS!

Please note, items will ship on or before September 9th.

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