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Baby Diner
Baby Diner
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Baby Diner - Baby Diner
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Baby Diner
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If you have a sign in your home that says, "Days without a dinner disaster" and the number under it says 0, then it's time for you to learn the joys of Baby Diner's Lil' Diner. It's time to make family dinner less of a battlefield and more of an enjoyable experience! Rather than feeding your baby before or after the grownups and big kids, now you can eat all together! Lil' Diner means no more spills, at home or out and about (it's totally transportable). The Lil' Diner is easy to put on most surfaces, and it'll come off nice and clean. Check out the video at the bottom of the feature to see how the Lil' Diner could change your dining life forever!

How Lil' Diner will save your life:
-No clean up
-Easy on, easy off
-Won't damage surface
-For home and eating out
-Use on most smooth surfaces

Baby Diner grips tightly using suction cup technology to any smooth surface and holds all type of plates or bowls secure. When you're finished, simply release the suction cups, slip it into your diaper bag and you're ready to go--no clean up, no mess!

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