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Randomness?! LIMIT 1 a little something extra special inside
Price: $23.22
That's 70% off the retail price of $80.00!!
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Randomness?! LIMIT 1 a little something extra special inside
Your Price: $23.22
That's 70% off the retail price of $80.00!
Mamabargains.com - Randomness?! LIMIT 1 a little something extra special inside
PURE Randomness! Limit 1

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LIMIT ONE (of each type) PER HOUSEHOLD PLEASE (and just so you know, if you do decide to put more than one of each type of randomness in your cart, your order will have to be voided for not following the rules - play nice and share!)

Oooooo - a twist on the normal. We like to be different, out of the box, and bring you awesome goodies that are unexpected. A surprise. A veritable brown box (or perhaps a white poly bag mailer) of goodies. So, here's the scoop... We have randoms. Lots of them, and really, not enough time to weed through them all to figure out how to feature a product with only one, two, or even four or five in the inventory. So, we're bringing the 'randoms' to you. It's our random sale. Live a little, you know you will be getting a box of goodies, it might be one big ticket item, it might be 4 smaller items. Geez, it might even be a box of 10 items, you just never know. Our goal - to clear out some of these randoms to make room for all this new stuff that's clogging the walkways in our warehouse!

Note on our NEW! Pure Randomness: Can't decide on boy, mama, girl or any combination of the three? Well, we had a bit too much fun in the warehouse today, and we decided to make the decision for you! Pure randomness means, well, what it says... you could get ANYthing boy/girl/mama (or even dad)--it'll be some combination of our fun goodies (so that means that you might get a combo of mom and boy, or maybe boy and girl, and so on). You are NOT guaranteed to get one item for each type!

Don't bother asking us to separate them by size either. It is just not a possibility, as much as we'd love to make everyone happy, we just can't this go around MB fans - the warehouse would...seriously...have...our...heads if we told them that not only do they have to surf through thousands of items to stuff into randomness, but that on top of it they had to narrow them down to size. Remember, these are randoms for a reason. If we had a bunch of items in the same size just perfect for your little one, chances are, they wouldn't be in randomness, they would just feature like the rest of our goodies!

You're going to get stuff. Cool stuff. Really cool random stuff. Deal with it, love it, and wait by your front porch for your surprise box of goodies! No worries, you will get brand new, cool stuff, some of which you've never even seen on our site before. Sometimes vendors give us randoms, and now that we have randoms, we have this super fun feature for you.

Our no returns, refunds, or exchanges policy applies of course, and if you don't like your randoms - well, give em' away, cause seriously ladies these are sweet randoms!

Your retail value will be about $80. Random means random ladies, no requests for specific products or sizes, just wait with anticipation for your box of Mamabargains.com randomness! It could be a beauty product, a diaper bag, a sling, clothing, maternity item, toys, you name it, ya just never know!

One other quick note - Mamabargains.com is the pioneer of randomness, we have been doing this for 4 years now, don't fall victim to the other randomness wannabees - their question mark isn't even as awesome, and neither is their box of mysteriousness! Remember the sweet chapsticks too? You might just get one tossed into your box, just for the hay of it. Cause we dig you. Oh, and no extra codes can be used on this extra sweet deal, sorry!

Additional coupons or discounts are not applicable on this feature

Randomness will ship on or before April 25th

PURE Randomness! Limit 1
PURE Randomness! Limit 1
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